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Potato Gratin Means - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 669

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Patates au Gratin

Source: Urge for Eating

Over the years I've had quantity of Sunday dinners at other people's houses and been served a variety of good meals. In my own kitchen it's become the best meal of the week given I can spend but preparing something a little more labour-intensive, something a little more special. Typically when I think of a solid Sunday, I think of waking up after 9, having a crave, leisurely breakfast, the sound of the washing machine and the smell of something roasting in the oven in the afternoon, and maybe a bath before bed. Not only a day of rest, but most on numerous occasions a day of roast. The standard Sunday formula seems to involve a large cut of meat, likely oven-roasted, served with potatoes and vegetables. A thrilling Baron of Beef, cooked to medium rare-perfection, with smoothly mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of steamed broccoli. Or, a whole chicken with roasted potatoes and a chopped verdant salad. Well, for me, ham is not my first choice for a roast for some reason, even though the leftover possibilities are seemingly endless, the prospect of a big ol' slice of ham is just a bit boring. So what kind of potato can cavort with the pig. Scalloped potatoes, or patates au gratin is a delicious, rich and creamy dish that dresses up and compliments a roasted ham. Thinly sliced potatoes are layered with cheese and cream and baked until palmy brown. As it bakes, it makes its own creamy sauce that is wickedly rich. It takes a little preparation but it bakes up nicely, looks beautiful, and smells like a Sunday all by itself. Served with a frizzled green salad it also makes a great lunch on Monday. I remember eating a family dinner at my cousin's house years ago and out of the oven came a big fair casserole dish of scalloped potatoes. They were bubbly on top, and thick and cheesy all the way through and I was hooked. Now that I have it, I save it for special occasions and have deemed it a "secret family procedure" for more reasons than one. I made this recipe in ramekins, so that I could try a couple of things and have single servings, so you can adjust it accordingly depending on how many servings you would like. 3 disconcerted to medium-sized Yukon gold potatoes (or other starchy potato), sliced 2 mm thick, with or without skin 1 tablespoon butter 3/4 cup grated cheddar cheese 1/4 cup crumbled feta 1/2 cup portly cream 1 shallot, diced. 2)Take 1/2 tablespoon of butter and grease the ramekin. 2) Pour a small amount of cream in the breech of the ramekin. 3) Place about a third of the sliced potatoes in the bottom of the ramekin, overlapping the slices in an even layer. 4) Top the potatoes with a 1/3 of the shallots. Sprinkle a third of the surviving cream over top. Then top with 1/3 of the feta, and 1/3 of the cheddar. 5) Continue layering in this way with potatoes, cheese, and cream until you have a few layers and are ending with the at length of the cheese. Before sprinkling the last of the cheddar on top, cut up the remaining butter and distribute it evenly over the last layer. Finally add the rest of the cheddar to top the dish, ensuring the potatoes are mostly covered. Should it brown too with dispatch, cover the ramekin with foil until the last 20 minutes of cooking. Let stand for ten minutes before serving.

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Advanced Bronze 3.5-Qt. Round Casserole

Advanced Bronze 3.5-Qt. Round Casserole

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Turn to the Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 3-1/2-Quart Covered Chef's Casserole for a pot that is as user-friendly and functional as it is elegant. This covered casserole is ideal for keeping soups and stews on a low simmer, and for dishes like braises that start on the stovetop and finish in the oven. The heavy-duty hard-anodized construction provides efficient, even heat distribution that helps to reduce hot spots that can burn foods, and coupled with its sophisticated palette - a warm bronze exterior and a chocolate interior - this casserole provides an exceptional gourmet cooking experience. DuPont's rugged Autograph 2 nonstick surface inside provides superior food release for easy cleanup, even when baking cheesy potatoes au gratin. Oven safe to 400F, this casserole also boasts revolutionary Anolon SureGrip handles that are dual riveted for strength and feature rubber over stainless steel for a comfortable, confident grasp. And, the shatter-resistant glass lid allows easy monitoring of food while it cooks without losing heat or moisture. A great addition to every kitchen, this covered casserole coordinates well with other pieces in the Anolon Advanced Bronze collection.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Oval Au Gratin

All-Clad Stainless Steel Oval Au Gratin

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Price: $149.95

All-Clad Stainless Steel Oval Au Gratin pan is the ideal tool for serving dishes from the oven to the table all with one pan. The low depth and larger surface are are ideal for gratins, roasting vegetables or preparing dips. This oval au gratin features a tri-ply bonded construction with a copper core surrounded by two layers of highly conductive aluminum, retaining heat and allowing for even and efficient heat distribution for a perfect cooking experience. The exterior and interior feature a layer of stainless steel for easy cleaning. Since the stainless steel is nonreactive, you do not have to worry about it discoloring or reacting with your food in any way. This Au Gratin pan is 100 percent dishwasher safe and is also oven and broiler safe to suit your needs. Lifetime warranty. Made in the United States. All-Clad item number 8701005248.


Au Gratin Potato Casserole Technique |
Kind a cheesy, creamy potato casserole for your next family gathering or holiday meal. Make it easy with frozen hash browns, cream of mushroom soup and cornflakes cereal.

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I've been making this casserole for a few years now. It's delicious, creamy and comforting.

Au Gratin Potatoes II Way -
This creamy potato dish sidles up nicely to beef, poultry or pork. The corn shaving topping adds crunch, while the chopped parsley provides color.

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one of my favorite dinner recipes is au gratin potato casserole this ...

one of my favorite dinner recipes is au gratin potato casserole this ...
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Au Gratin Potato Casserole-2 boxes potatos, sausage, broccoli, drain ...

Au Gratin Potato Casserole-2 boxes potatos, sausage, broccoli, drain ...
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Au Gratin Potato Casserole

Au Gratin Potato Casserole
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Tastes like a Potato Casserole without all the carbs!!!! resolution emoticon SPAGHETTI SQUASH AU GRATIN heart...


Tastes like a Potato Casserole without all the carbs!!!! middle emoticon SPAGHETTI SQUASH AU GRATIN heart...


Scalloped Potato Casserole The accomplish side dish!

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Institute lunch menus for March 16-20
03/14/15, via Fremont Tribune

Tuesday: Tater tot casserole, peas, Take form-O with fruit ... Wednesday: Hot dog on a bun, baked beans, Fritos, peaches. Thursday: Ham and au gratin potatoes, dinner roll, green beans, pears. Friday: Cheese pizza, lettuce salad, pineapple, thicken.

Faction lunch menus for March 2-6
02/28/15, via Fremont Tribune

Friday: Pizza sticks *or pretzel and yogurt, au gratin potatoes, verdant beans ... Thursday: Chicken noodle casserole, green beans, fruit cocktail, roll, milk. Friday: No school. Logan Upon Public Schools Monday: Fiestada, green beans, mixed lettuce salad ...

WUMC Lenten lunches to start
02/19/15, via Wilmington News Journal

On Feb. 25, lunch will consist of ham and au gratin potatoes, muddled vegetables and brownie ... On March 25, lunch will consist of barbecued pull pork, hot potato salad, broccoli casserole and fruit crisp. And on April 1, lunch will be Parmesan chicken ...

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31 - Routine Beete-Kartoffel-Gratin / au gratin beetroot potatoes - Serviert

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32 - Automatically Beete-Kartoffel-Gratin / au gratin beetroot potatoes - CloseUp

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30 - From memory b unthinkingly Beete-Kartoffel-Gratin / beetroot potatoes au gratin - Fertig-gebacken

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