Chicken Casserole Bisquick

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Chicken & Dumpling Casserole, an tranquilly Family Favorite recipe

I look for brisk, easy and delicious recipes to feed my hubby or take to family gatherings, and this one fits the bill nicely. Plus I'm half southern, being.

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Employ Monday, March 9

Source: Burnt Out Mom

(I distress to get FNM off the list since Peter can't very well be in two places at once). I'm guessing another haircut probably earlier that week too will be in order for at least Katherine (truthfully it wouldn't aggrieve for me to get one either). Oh goodness last week got weird. So I worked Monday-Wednesday. I was going to work Thursday but the people over me got it confused and told HR I would be out Thursday too so I style of crammed most of my time into Tuesday and Wednesday because I only had put in a couple hours Monday not knowing that was going... This past week was suppose to be my DC indiscretion. Key thing is 'suppose to be'. Wednesday they kept the kids out of school for the weather moving in. By time I left work Wednesday my car was coated in ice from the freezing ran. We got 11" of snow get the show on the road which doesn't say much about how high the snow drifts got. Thursday I spent a good part of the day just getting the walkway and half the driveway shoveled and then I called it sound enough after that. It was so bad Peter had to have a friend come pick him up that had a 4-wheel drive because we live down a private drive with only 2 other houses so the plows don't come down it. ever. Needless to say our Washington DC oversight was postponed and Brielle's trip to Huntsville, AL was rescheduled. It is a good thing too I was watching videos and seeing pictures of I-64 in Kentucky where people were stuck in the cars for insanely covet times and the National Guard had to come out to help and they were getting people out of cars to get them to... I feel blessed that the call was made to postpone all trips. So there I was with a menu meant for only Peter & Brielle for 3 days. Things got absorbing. We did get out Tuesday night and I had picked up some premade chicken cordon blue that was good. spendy but good though our real reason to go out was I wanted hamburger from Sam's. guess why we bought chicken. We weathered entirely alright I tried another new recipe called " Impossibly Easy Pizza Bake " which is basically a Pizza casserole using bisquick as the 'dough'. It was pretty quick and kids and Peter seemed to use it. I actually just happened to have around all the stuff for it which is why it got made. I was being very stubborn not to go out driving on the roads Thursday and Friday so I started piecing together meals and our cabinets are looking a bit plain even of things we've had sitting in there for a long time. I was out on the roads Wednesday because of work and then a friend needed a ride but after I had to honk my horn as I slid through a red be unearthed that was the end of me going on the roads. I know how to handle myself in ice but coming down a hill even at less than 10mph well I would have needed another 50 ft minimum how I was sliding on that ice. I tried to do some sewing Friday and it was all prevalent horribly. if it could go wrong it was going wrong to the point some patch items became trash items. I need to get back to it soon though I've got a lot of fabric ready to be hand-me-down and I just haven't been doing it. Saturday Peter & I went out that evening to see some friends for a little while. It's nice having a teenager so you can step out for a little while without dragging the kids every prematurely. -- Though we were late going out I was getting a bit irate with Peter he had gone out to play cards earlier in the day and kept saying he'd be home early. this after I had to upbraid one of the other guys because Peter had his ringer off which was a bad thing since he was on call. Sunday Peter and I did some running around and I picked up some planting soil I needed and I got 124 origin pods planted, 2 indoor containers also and I'm still not done. I did something different this year though instead of multiple seeds in case one doesn't come up I have such a involved time thinning things that I did one seed and figured if I get half to come up then I'm in good shape and I won't have to thin things. I expect sometime this week I'm going to be barest busy processing strawberries to get them froze, dehydrated, or ate. I think that is pretty much the jist of things. I'm starting to feel bad I haven't posted up a craft jut out for awhile now.

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Posted on August 20, 2012 by God Does Reassemble Shattered Pieces

Posted on August 20, 2012 by God Does Reassemble Shattered Pieces
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Unoppressive Chicken and Dumplings Casserole

Unoppressive Chicken and Dumplings Casserole
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