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Despondent Backpack Break: Food

Source: ArgenTina's Travels

The before week or so back in BA has been nice- I'm not living out of a tiny backpack, I sleep in my own bed rather than a random bed at a hostel, and I get to sit down at a dinner table and eat a home-cooked dinner every night. However, the repetitive nature of my everyday life might just kill me- after being on the road for so long and experiencing so many new things so frequently, regular BA is hardly boring. (I say almost because the city really is what you make it- so I'm going to make an effort to keep myself engaged. I wrote this blog post instead. I extraordinarily didn't have room to put all of the cool foods that I ate into my weekly entries over break, so here is a blog just for food that I ate over break. This drink is called mote con huesillos and is wonderful popular in Chile. In Santiago, almost every street corner in the downtown peatonales (pedestrian-only streets) had a drink stand that was selling these. It is basically peach chunks with a collection of peach juice poured over wheat grains. My first day in Valparaíso was so frantic that I just bought the only food item left at an empanada store across from my hostel. I have no sentiment what it is called, but I saw it several more times throughout the city. I think it is a modified empanada española. Basically, it is cooked empanada dough on the outside wrapping up a salchicha (hotdog/sausage) with cheese, tomato, and oregano. Basically, pigs-in-a-blanket was combined with pizza and then put in an empanada. This was just called a sagúiche salvado at the corner outlet I bought this in while in Rio. Not a very creative name (since it translates "salted/savory sandwich") but still an interesting and local mix of flavors. The soft croissant-like casing was wrapped around a mix of cheese, chopped-up hard-boiled egg, and what I think was shredded pork. An acai bowl on Ipanema beach. In Brazil, the acai bowls are new from the ones that I have had in California and Arizona- instead of having an icy acai berry blend that is loaded with granola, honey, and fruits on top, these acai bowls (which are really more like cups)... ) blended with the acai. Generally, you have to ask for granola and/or honey on top, and sometimes the granola is blended in with the fruit and berries. I split it with another mouse, but there was definitely enough food for three. This is a traditional Brazilian dish that included grilled chicken, rice, french fries, and farofa. Farofa , at least the way it was explained to us, is scrambled eggs coated in this flour-like whit. It was a pretty strange side dish, although the meal as a whole was very good. Guaravita is a juice of the guarana seed. Some soft drinks also have the sharp, earthy flavor of this drink, but the sodas are definitely less strong than this Guaravita. It is a very popular beverage in Rio, and can be found at every restaurant, street kiosk, and grocery cache. A note about Brazil: I think that I ate more fast food in Rio than I eat in one year in the States. Ultimately, I had four choices for food in Rio: expensive sit-down restaurants (no, thanks be given to you). slightly sktechy street food (again, I will pass). fast food like McDonald's, KFC, and Subway (not ideal, but cheap). Surprisingly, the groceries were more costly than the fast food- even if we wanted to cook a group meal. Yummy- stuffed peppers. Specifically, recoto relleno is a dish in which the recoto pepper, a entirely spicy pepper, is stuffed ( see photo below ) and then baked. Baking the pepper gets rid of much of the spiciness, leaving it edible (but with a kick). The yellowish stuff encircling the pepper is mashed potato that was cooked with the pepper- this is just one variation of the popular dish. You can still see the form of the little rodent too- the upper right of the plate holds its paramount (its mouth is open). There was not a lot of meat on this half, but we still got to sample the flavor. It tasted kind of fishy (in a not-good way) and I am not a huge fan, but hey- still getting cultured. Not to be confused with chicha , which is drinker, this chicha morada (literally "purple chicha") is a drink made from purple corn. ) and is a super popular drink in Peru. Because it is made with corn, it isn't wonderful sweet (although it is a little bit dulce ) but it is pretty dense (but not thick).

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Chile Relleno Casserole Programme |
Poblano chiles, stuffed with cotija cheese and chorizo sausage, baked in an egg and cheese casserole with tomato nerve.

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This is a Mexican-luxury casserole made with hamburger and green chile peppers. It produces a much simpler version of chile rellenos, which are simply stuffed chile ...

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Chile Relleno Casserole

Chile Relleno Casserole
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Baked Chile Relleno Egg Casserole

Baked Chile Relleno Egg Casserole
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Chile Relleno Casserole Way

Chile Relleno Casserole Way
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