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21 LED UV BlackLight with Case, Batteries, and Instruction Manual Pet Urine Stain Detector, Blac

COMMERCIAL GRADE 395 nm ultaviolet blacklight flashlight that has 21 LED bulbs to allow a wider and more powerful beam so you can use in a standing position. Helps to detect scorpions, fake currency and Id's, dried urine stains from dogs, cats, rats, small animals. INCLUDES-Metal Case for safe, easy storage and transport. INCLUDES-3 (AAA) high quality alkaline batteries. INCLUDES-Instruction manual with helpful tips. Does your home smell like cat pee Are you paying to stay in a dirty hotel room Are you planning to rent a home with soiled carpets Is your home and property infested with scorpions Are you about to sell your car for counterfeit money Are you unable to find that leak in your air conditioner Do you have rats urinating all over your house Are your kids vacuuming correctly The answer is the YuckLight What is a YuckLight and How Does It Work This compact YuckLight is a black light, also known as an ultraviolet flashlight. When the UV light beam of your YuckLight is directed at an object in a dark environ

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