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  • Bonds to paper, cardboard, foam board,...
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School Supply Haul~How to Shop Like a Teacher

When you teach in an impoverished school district you have to be a savvy shopper to get all the school supplies you are going to need for your class.

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Jenna Bush gives Dorchester kids $10G boost

middle-school English teacher, teared up while telling an assembly of Lilla G. Frederick Middle School faculty and students the money is to be divided among their classrooms, where teachers have been dipping into their own pockets to pay for supplies.

Enterprise High partners with community college, receives $90K grant

The school system's board of education honored Steve Icenogle, automotive teacher for the high school, and Dale Stewart, welding teacher, as adjunct professors for the college on Tuesday night for the designation. Pictured from left Enterprise High

Teaching supplies back at school

Angela Lafrance is remembered by those who knew her as a tireless and dedicated teacher. And, like teachers in every public classroom in America, she would spend her own money on extras for the kids. “That's what all my mom's money went to. She made 

: Enterprise Ledger - Dothan Eagle

Source: EpriseNow.com - Local News

Enterprise High partners with community college, receives $90K grant Enterprise High School’s welding and automotive programs have been recognized as off-campus instructional sites for Lurleen B. Wallace Community College, making the programs... Twins birthday Twin sisters, Sharon Kaye Scott Meredith of Enterprise and Betty Faye Scott Walker of Kutawa, Kentucky recently celebrated their 75th birthday at Sharon's home. Betty's husband, Bill Walker, drove from Kentucky. The celebration was divided into several local events and attended by Sharon's husband of 53 years, John Meredith, and numerous friends and family.

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Discount School Supplies

Discount School Supplies
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Discount School Supplies for Teachers

Discount School Supplies for Teachers
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Discount School Supply – Save on school supplies for teachers and ...

Discount School Supply – Save on school supplies for teachers and ...
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You Have to Go to School...You're the Teacher!
You Have to Go to School...You're the Teacher!
Published by Corwin Press 2007
ISBN 9781452294612,1452294615
200 pages

This third edition features new information on defusing difficult situations, getting students to complete homework, building learners' confidence, cultivating responsible behaviors, and working with parents and staff.

Teaching and Learning With Digital Photography
Teaching and Learning With Digital Photography
Published by Corwin Press 2008
ISBN 9781452295602,1452295603
248 pages

This all-in-one guide offers early childhood educators concrete examples for integrating digital photography into teaching and assessment and includes a CD-ROM with user-friendly forms and templates.

Cooking recipes

School Cafeteria Peanut Butter Cookies
Ingredients:baking soda, brown sugar, eggs, flour, peanut butter, salt, shortening, sugar

First Day of School Fondue Supper
Ingredients:green pepper, hot dogs, vegetable oil, onions, mushroom

School Lunchroom Cafeteria Rolls
Ingredients:butter, eggs, flour, milk, salt, shortening, water, sugar, sugar

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Around the region
09/30/15, via amesbury.wickedlocal.com

Discount admission tickets are available at topsfieldfair.org ... For information: nsbforum.org. SHORE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE: 8:15-10 a.m. Oct. 2, Shore Country Day School, 545 Cabot St., Beverly. Shore Country Day School will host an open house ...

Back to school means more spending for Turkish families
09/27/15, via aa.com.tr

I believe Sibel needs these supplies ... the school and the family budget. A survey shows that a Turkish family must spend at least 485 Turkish liras ($160) to send a child to kindergarten, according to Egitim-Bir-Sen, a prominent teacher’s union in ...

Woodland Park parent association seeks volunteers to assist with fundraisers
09/17/15, via North Jersey

Cheese will return to the school Nov. 25 to give the winning class of each grade, kindergarten through second, a pizza party for selling the most number of discount cards for ... will also go toward an item for the teachers, since the home and school ...

Our Beds in the Children's Home
Our Beds in the Children's Home

If you wet the bed, in some of the houses one of the punishments was to leave your bed stripped with the rubber mackintosh sheet for all to see. You re-made in the early evening - when the good things were on tv. In the Home, other children in your house did not tease you for any problems you might have, as it had affected almost every boy in your group. Some of the Sisters would prefer you to stay in bed during the night and try to make it through the night without us getting out of bed and visiting the toilet . In the 1960s our groups had become both boys and girls, some of the old fashioned Sisters did not trust boys out of bed at night in case they went into the girls bedrooms, in their mind us suffering a wet bed was an easy way to prevent our wanderings, and would not punish us if we did wet it. Some Sisters would allow friends from other flats to visit, it might be possible that others would get to know, but as the Sister that looked after me did not allow children from...

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Focus on Imaging
Focus on Imaging

Focus on Imaging 2009, Professional Imaging Supplies, pfd, Gary Walsh A couple of minutes before 10.00am on the morning of Sunday, January 14th, 1990, Mary Walker was getting ready to open her first exhibition, Focus on Photography. It had taken her 18 months of hard work to get to that point but she had had tremendous support from right across the industry. As she waited for the clock to tick towards ten o’clock she knew she had succeeded in putting together an exhibition which had so exceeded her early expectations that she had had to have a marquee erected at the back of The Pavilion at the NEC to accommodate everyone who wanted to be there. Now the only question was “Will the show attract enough visitors – and of the right quality – to make the whole thing a complete success.” The answer, as everyone connected with the show will tell you, was “yes” and from then onwards Focus has grown in both size and, arguably more important, reputation. However, even now, as Mary puts...

Photo by Barry Zee

Ms. Powaga - Fifth Grade, an Oasis in the Desert
Ms. Powaga - Fifth Grade, an Oasis in the Desert

A Place of Refreshment is discovered. The summer between fourth and fifth grade seemed to pass with blinding speed. It is a little known fact that buried deep within Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity is Corollary Rule Twenty Seven which states that as a human being ages the season of summer passes more quickly in a direct one to one correspondence to the square of his age. Taken to its logical conclusion, the corollary would mean that if a person lived long enough he or she would experience endless winters. That is why so many people retire to warmer climates and we choose death once we have lived over a hundred years or so, because we are always cold, which is proof positive of Corollary Rule 27 in action. Once again I entered the halls of SJSA ready to tackle another year. This year I told myself would be different, this year I would work harder and get better grades. For once in my primary school years, I accomplished this heady goal. It was not because I had...

Photo by Michael 1952